Sunday, 8 April 2012


I received a lot of nice surprises yesterday and I want to thank everyone about that! One of the pretty things I got was this SKAGEN Design watch. As I said earlier in my posts I love how simple and elegant their collections are and have been dreaming about one for a long time:)

Получих много изненади вчера и искам да благодаря на всички! Едно от най-красивите неща които получих беше този прекрасен часовник.

I also received some great items from my girlfriends like a Loreal mascara, Loreal eye shadows and jewelry.  And got a sweet small umbrella (always useful when you live in Denmark) and  good parfume from my little sister.

Също така получих спирала и сенки от Loreal и бижута. Подариха ми малък чадър, който мога да побера в чантата си, страхотен парфюм и много други малки дрънкулки.

I hope you enjoyed your day. Have a nice Sunday!
Fashion Memos.

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