Friday, 24 October 2014

Last minute Halloween costumes

Are you one of those girls that like Halloween  decorations and playing dress-up, but still thinks about what costume to wear in the last minute. I do that every time and Many times I have no costume in the end because it is too late to make or order one.

Anyways, one thing you Can do is to look at ASOS marketplace since they have 
a lot of interesting ideas and cheap costume offers that Would do the work.   

I also have a few very easy suggestions that would not be expensive and you might actually have some of them already in your closet:-)

 One of my favourite costumes ever is of the WITCH... Quite easy to be done in a short period. What I think you should have is the big cone hat that the witch have, prefferably a white wick (both of these things you can find in your local supermarket or in Tiger) and in the end you can have a little black dress ( something that every girl has in her closet) and as a finish you Can rip a part a pair of your not so expensive tights to be more effective.

Another easy costume to have is of a cheerleader/ schoolgirl. I think almost every girl has a red print pleated skirt, a white shirt  and sneakers that can perfectly fit the cheerleader image. If you want a complete look then you can accessoriez with things like a tie, long socks or a band in the hair:-) 

If you want to look Like a police woman, that would probably not be very hard, too. This season were very trendy jumpsuits, so you should most probably have one in your closet. If not HM or Vero Moda might have something cheap to offer. You should most probably look for a  police hat, too, that you can match with a pair of hand cuffs and may be a fake gun. You should also try and find a belt that can hold all those things  and a badge if possible:-) (to be more convincing).

P.S. Do not forget the long boots if you have short jumpsuit:-)

These are the suggestions I Would have when it comes to a Very easy, cheap, last minute Halloween costume:-) So... Any favourites? Which one Would you choose? I think I will go for the WITCH:-) and you?

Have a lovely Friday:-)

P.S. If you want your costume to be published, please send me a pictures and one of you guys will win a surprise present:-)

Fashion Memos.