Sunday, 9 December 2012

Christmas Advent Calendar DIY

As promised, the Christmas Calendar DIY:P

That is the calendar that I made for my boyfriend this year:)I am really proud of the result and he was really happy about the gesture and my effort I put in it:)

Step 1:
Here are some things you need in order to prepare it:

24 envelopes, different sizes or what I did was to cut the small envelopes in two and have them in half
Some Christmas paper that you can use as a background
White A3 Paper, I put together 4 pieces of A3 paper in order to get the size
I also needed some colorful paper to make it more cheerful 
24 Christmas socks, those ones are textile and I have not bought them but of course you can use whatever you want to draw the numbers

Step 2:

That is the actual process, for me it took time because I have had a lot of classes so I did not have that much time to do it so I use only my evenings but can be done in a day of course.

Step 3:

This step was the most challenging for me as it represents all the presents. I first did not think about how I am going to fit them in my calendar so it was pretty difficult to place all the present at one and the same time. I am putting now every day a present in, or a clue where to find it:)

What can you put in the calendar?
I used different candy of course, games, socks etc. You can get all the inspiration you need, stopping by the local supermarkets etc.

I hope you enjoyed it:)

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Sunday, 2 December 2012

Christmas has arrived in Denmark

Hello dear ladies:)

How are you? Enjoying the Christmas spirit and the cold weather?
The first real snow has arrived in Denmark, everything is white and so pretty. I spent the day at home enjoying the view from the window and watching the Sunday program on the TV :)

Exam time is so close and I know that I should study and start preparing for them, but it just feels so good to be laze and enjoy myself:):D

I have tried a pretty cool DIY project that I made actually for my boyfriend. It is a Christmas Calendar, from 1-24th December, where he has a small present every day. Stay tuned tomorrow and I am going to show you some pictures.

Now I have prepared my wishlist for Christmas, may be you can get some inspiration.:)

Those items are just a part of a long list that I have sent to my family. To them I have also added vouchers to some of my favorite shops, some things I would like to have in the kitchen and many more:D

What do you think? Have you already prepared your wish list?

kisses and enjoy your Sunday!

Saturday, 24 November 2012

New in: Long in Leather

Having a great weekend?!

I hope you are. I have had a great Saturday, enjoying some shopping for Christmas presents and of course enjoying myself:)

I have just sent my Christmas Wishlist to all of my family and friends, and they all agreed on one- NO shoes for me as a present under the Christmas tree:( Unfortunately for me, but what can I do! That is the reason why today I decided to treat myself with a beautiful pair of long black boots!

Soon I am gonna post an outfit post with them!
If you have a pair of long boots that you want to share with all of us, just send me an email with a picture you wearing them, your name and your blog address so I make sure the picture refers back to you also!:)

I am looking forward to receiving your mails here:
fashionmemos (at) gmail (dot) com

Enjoy your weekend and don't forget to send your picture!:)
Fashion Memos.

Saturday, 17 November 2012

I wish It would be mine

It was love from first sight!
If I was about to make a list of wishes for Christmas, this jacket would definitely be on the list. 
What do you think about it?

Friday, 16 November 2012

Favorites: Long Boots

I am just 1,65 m tall so I usually do not like to wear boots that go over my knee as it makes me even shorter, but I can see that the trend is still alive and a lot of girls still wear the so trendy long boots to the knee or even over the knee:)

The most common combination I would see is with a simple black dress/ skirt and the very popular oversize pullovers or with skinny jeans. Even if I clearly know that they do not fit my height and make me even smaller, I have to confess that I also have a pair of those gorgeous booties myself and love them a lot.

 Here are some inspiration photos that I found interesting, Enjoy!

What do you think about those booties, do you have a pair of those in your wardrobe?
Enjoy your Friday darlings!
Fashion Memos.

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Perls our good little friends

It seems like ages since I posted the last post on the blog. I am very busy at school, a lot of projects and also preparation for exams. Anyways, I really do not want to bore you with that:)

I am going for a birthday party this weekend- one of my best friends is celebrating her  23rd birthday. So in this occasion, me and my boyfriend went shopping last week. I wanted to buy some new accessories also for myself so I found this amazing perls necklace. I totally fell in love with it as I think perls should be a part of every lady's jewelry box. In the end, I did not buy it as my boyfriend said 'you will look like an old lady, only they wear perls'.

It is true that perls were in fashion 20s, 30s and 40s which makes them very retro, but does not at all mean that they are only for old ladies.

Lets not define perls only as evening jewels that fit only special occasions. You can wear little perl earring every day, simple necklaces that you can combine with jeans, shirts and informal events.

What do you think about this post? 
Do you like perls?

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Sunday, 21 October 2012

Recap on the autumn break

It was one amazing autumn break, I really enjoyed it! I traveled a bit, I was also busy with work, I had time for shopping and to enjoy myself. It was an intense week full of actions. I also finally got the time to go to the hair dresser and have my hair cut. Right now, my hair is shorter than it has ever been but I would say  love it. It is easier to have it that way as I do not have much time to take care of it right now.

Anyways, I had also  time to get some inspiration and I am currently preparing a DIY tutorial for you, but of course I will break the ice later during the week!

Thanks for all the lovely messages I have received  and I promise I will come back to you as soon as possible:)

I hope you had a lovely weekend!
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Fashion Memos.

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Saturday, 13 October 2012

Autumn Break is here..

Hello girls,

Enjoying your Friday night?
I am exhausted on this Friday night but at the same time very very happy. The autumn break in Denmark has started from today. I have a week of joy, relaxation, shopping and may be a little bit of reading.

I am travelling to my boyfriend's parents tomorrow and am going to enjoy mammy's food and do nothing. Going also hopefully shopping in Herning, one of the most popular cities in Denmark. I think it is 11th biggest city or so:) I really hope that I will have time to lean on the couch and release the pressure because ...lets say it...Masters is not as easy as I thought...too much reading:D

Anyways... Here are some pictures from last week. I was at an art museum here in Aarhus called Aros:)

Здравейте момичета,

Наслаждавате ли се на петък вечер?
Аз съм изтощена този петък, но много щастлива. Есенната почивка в Дания започна от днес. Имам една седмица изпълнена с радост, спокойствие, пазаруването и може да би малко четене.

Ще гостувам на  родителите на гаджето ми утре и ще се насладя на домашно приготвената храна на майка му, и правенето на нищо. Надявам се да пазарувам в Хернинг, един от най-популярните градове в Дания. Мисля, че е 11-ти по големина град :)

Както и да е ... Ето няколко снимки от миналата седмица. Бях в музей в Орхус, наречен Aros :)


Hope you have a wonderful weekend!
Fashion Memos.

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Life is Sweet!

Some of my creations from last week that I wanted to show you earlier, but did not have time...
Chocolate Cup Cakes!!!

These cup cakes were incredibly easy to make, just you need to be careful when you are filling in the form, because I put too much in some forms and I did not have space for a lot of chocolate cream. Anyways my boyfriend loved them so that was the most important:)

Enjoy your Saturday, Girls!
Fashion Memos.

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Thursday, 4 October 2012

New in: Bianco Ankle Boots

Time to change the sandals with boots!
Finally got my so much waited ankle boots and I love them. They are so comfortable:) and the most important-have a small heel.

What do you think?

Wednesday, 3 October 2012 Fashion Week

Hello Pretty Ladies,

I was surprised to find out about the Fashion Week from 1st October until 7th October. You can get the newest items, the most popular with free freight. 

I am going to an event organized by my bachelor classmates, so I have been considering buying a dress for that event. I have been having some difficult times choosing a dress but in the end stopped myself on the following. Calling all my readers, please help me:)!

I love the blue one but at the same time I like the shiny one also, so lets vote, WHICH ONE SHOULD I GET?:)

So...1, 2 OR 3?

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Get the Jacket and the Boots!

I have been searching for an autumn/ winter jacket and from everything I saw in ASOS, this two were the best I could see:) What do you think about them? And any ideas where I could look for?

Now ASOS also offers 25% on shoes, bags and accessories!

Autumn items

Wrangler heavy coat / Maison Scotch striped jacket/ ALDO wedge bootie / ASOS bootie boots

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Autumn could be a great thing

Hello Ladies,
I hope you are enjoying your Sunday!:)
Last week on the way to school, I saw this super cool commercial.:) I started laughing so much!
It says:'Yes! Bikini-season is over..' And then they have shown all those tasty donuts and croissants  under:)

I had a great Saturday evening with my boyfriend and one of his friends that visited us from another city. We had a Mexican Food Evening with a lot of Nachos, a good movie, and lots of games.:) It was a great cozy evening together:)

I received a little sweet present from my boyfriend's friend-home made flødeboller (snowballs) but wit white chocolate..MMMmMM..

Now they are almost gone...:D

Monday, 10 September 2012

New In From Bulgaria

I promised you to show you what I brought home from my holiday in Bulgaria, I could not make pictures of all the items but those are my favorite.  I bought those lovely stilettos from a local shop at the sea side. I was looking for that king of shiny heels for some time and now I got them.

And the bag is a present from my mom... She gave it to me as a late birthday present:) It is the perfect size as it can gather all my things in and fits perfect with my new shoes:) 

What do you think?

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Always trendy

The black leather pants were in fashion some year ago when they first came into the shop, but it seems like more and more young girls are wearing them. The trend does not die as the time pass. People wearing black leather pants or imitation  can not be left unnoticeable. There are many reasons for that, of course, I remember when I bought my first leather pants, my boyfriend used to joke that I look like one of those bike riders guys, as they are wearing leather vest etc. I think that it depends a lot on the person what it will symbolize.

Anyways, I like the black leather pants and I will definitely need to buy a new pair for the next season. I have chosen some styles you also might like:) Enjoy!

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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Sometimes it is hard to say goodbye!

I guess just seeing the topic of the post I am getting a little bit sad, as summer is gone at least in Denmark. It was an amazing summer filled  with positive moments and events. But of course, because the summer is over that does not mean that all the fin is gone. I am starting school, new education, new people and I am very excited about that... And lets not forget Autumn and Winter Collections are on the way, I am looking forward to that:)

Let's say a proper goodbye to the summer with a great refreshing cocktail that I made for my boyfriend some time ago:) Cheers!

I have been considering changing a little bit the design of the blog and the articles that I have been writing, do you have any suggestions?

  • Interviews with popular fashion bloggers/ celebrities
  • More outfit posts
  • Fash news
Use those as inspiration, but if you have any other ideas just let me know, you know how:)

Have an Awesome Wednesday!

Fashion Memos.

Monday, 3 September 2012

Fest Uge has arrived

Every year, the last week of August/ the first week of September, is a Fest Uge or as we call it in English-Party week in Aarhus. There are many events organized during the whole week like concerts  and different performances etc.

Friday was the first day of the Party Week, so it was full of people, having beer and some food, enjoying the weather and the arrangements:) Here are some pictures

What do you think?
Any events where you live?

Fashion Memos.

Thursday, 30 August 2012

New Styles, Big Smiles!!!

Hello Ladies,

I want to share some pictures from a small event Bianco Footwear arranged to introduce their new collection:) The members of Bianco Club were able to purchase the new styles 20% cheaper.

One of the pairs I loved<3
What do you think? Did you choose your favorite?