Tuesday, 6 March 2012

The astonishing woman

A Cinderella story

I have been wondering about what my first post will be about. 
After some thinking, I decided to tell you all about the woman I was working together with the last couple of months.

She is just twenty four year-old, beautiful and always up for innovation woman. She always sees the world from a better perspective and tries to help people. She is from Denmark and her name is Solveig Eike. In 2009 she gave her contribution to the fashion industry by inventing a new 'must have' fashionista product, called Plastic Fantastic. Plastic Fantastic protects our so beloved shoes (high heels) from scratches and scuffs that we meet in the every day urban environment. (Read more about the product in later posts)

How did she discover the idea about the product?

In order to find out when the idea of the product was born we need to go a little bit back in time and learn more about her. In 2008 she started her Academy Professional degree in the second biggest city in Denmark, Aarhus. The line she chose was Marketing Management in an Enterpreneur class. She was one of the bright students in the team. Her classmates say that she always had her hand up in the air wanting to answer the teacher's questions.

Solveig Eike is a typical girl that loves shopping and enjoys her free time with friends and family. She loves shoes more than anything and is a proud owner of probably more than 50 pairs of heels in her closet.

The idea about the product was discovered during one of her school projects. She and her teammates needed to come up with an innovative idea and develop it. Solveig had the terrible experience of finding her loved darlings destroyed after a day walking through all the cobblestones in Aarhus and she believed that there should be a solution on the market that protects her so loved stilettos. That is how she and her group started working on a solution for this very common problem among the female population.

The idea that was born from a school project let Solveig Eike win the prestigious JA - YE Europe Enterprise Challenge, (European Championship), with the new product called Plastic Fantastic.

I think that she has an exciting personality and can be an inspiration to many young people.

Who is the woman that you admire?


  1. Great post. I love reading about successful young people. Gives me hope and encouragement. Thanks for sharing this.


    1. Thanks a lot. I think she is a real inspiration.

  2. Add some imagination and you can prosper! She's a great example for us.

  3. I think so, too:)
    Thank you for the comment!


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