Monday, 23 April 2012

DIY Glitter Sneakers

I am sorry I have not been posting anything for a week but I have not had any internet connection for the past week! Anyways, I have prepared some interesting posts for you for this week so drop by and check out the blog this one.

Do you remember those silver snickers from my last post?! I really love them, so I decided to try and make them myself. 

Materials you need:

Hobby Glue-for textile
Silver glitter

Помните ли тези сребърни маратонки?! Харесвам ги, затова реших да опитам да ги направя сама.

Нужни материали:

Лепило за текстил
Сребрист брукат
Четка за рисуване

Take a  plastic bow and mix the glue and the glitter together./ Смесете бруката и лепилото в пластмасова купичка.

So I got myself a new pair of sneakers:) They look great! What do you think about this project?
Сдобих се с чифт нови маратонки:) които изглеждат страхотно! Какво мислите за този проект?

Enjoy your Monday!

Fashion Memos.

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