Saturday, 5 December 2015

Holiday Wishlist

Are you ready with your wish list for Christmas? If you are still wandering what to wish for, I hope that you can find some inspiration from mine. I know this year it is short but i really could not figure out what else to wish for :)
The items that I chose are very different prices so people can actually choose depending on how much they decide to give for a present. I would really love to finally get the power bank, because I have wished for it the past year as well and did not get it. I think it is a very useful item when travelling and I would put it in my MUST have travelling accessory. I also wouldn't mind to get the Dior mascara which is also one of the MUST haves on my Christmas wish list.

Untitled #22

1. Lace-Up Mini Dresss from Topshop HERE 2. TOUS earrings HERE 3. Power Bank Charger HERE 4. Dior Mascara HERE 5. H&M Home Shoes HERE 6. NLY Turtleneck Sweater HERE 


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