Monday, 13 May 2013

An Inspiring Story

Dear Ladies,

Today, I would like to introduce you to the innovative and charismatic personality of a young lady that is discovering the challenge of turning her hobby and passion into a small business. 
She is beautiful, she is modest and she comes from Hungary. She is twenty three years old and her name is Diana.

Where did you get the passion for making jewelry?

When I was a small girl I always enjoyed making something creative. From painting to DIY and of course jewellery. My mum and my garndma had very nice jewellery so I got interested in doing them. In the city where I used to live there was a very nice hobby shop so I learned a lot there and spent most of my time as a student there.

How was the idea about Dius Design born? 

Well, I thought if I have this passion why not share it with others. I think it is very nice to wear something different to what all the stores sell, therefore I thought ladies might like unique design jewellery.

What materials do you use? And do you like to experiment or are you more instinctual? 

I mainly use beads. I especially prefer faceted Swarovski beads and other unusual designs. I also sometimes use leather. I like to experiment and always like to make something new and different:).

Who are your pieces addressed to?

My pieces are addressed to a wide range of ladies. I mainly target young ladies, however, as my design is very diverse, some pieces can fit better to middle aged women.

What would you tell Fashion Memos' readers?

Please check out my Facebook page as most of my designs are there:)! If you like any or you have any new ideas please message me and I will try and make it for you! If you like to stand out from the crowd this is definitely something for you ;) so I hope you will find your matching piece.


Thank you for the interview!:)

What do you think of Diana's work? Are you interested in seeing some more of her beautiful creations? Then press HERE and check out her facebook page for more pictures and prices!

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Have a good and successful week, ladies!

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Saturday Fever

Hello guys,

I hope you are enjoying the weekend, I had a wonderful Saturday visiting the Bambi park in Aarhus, shopping a little bit and enjoying the great weather. Unfortunately, that was it for today and I am going to enjoy the evening over the books as the busy period is very close when all the exams are.

Have a great weekend!
Fashion Memos.