Sunday, 1 April 2012

My Birthday Wishlist

Last week I read a post on a blog (Trips and Treasures) where the blogger made a list of wishes for her birthday. I though it is fun to try it out and make my own due to the fact that mine is also coming very soon.

It is just a week untill my birthday so in order to help my friends to choose something for me, I am going to try and put together some items I have thought of and I would love to have:)
I am a realist, so I believe I am, of course, not gonna get everything on the list but at least I can try. My birthday is next Saturday when I am turning 23. I never liked the date because it is during the Easter break so when I was in high school I did not have the opportunity to bring chocolate and candy to my classmates. If I wanted to organize a party, it needed to be always before or after the day as people were celebrating Easter in most of the cases. Now, I try to think that it is a nice day to spend with your family and friends in a little bit special environment and of course receive some presents:)


1. Skagen Watch- I love their designs, they are so simple
2. Elizabeth Arden Eye Shadows
3. Pilgrim Sunglasses
4. Bakers Shoes Heels
5. Friis and Company Clutch
6. Dior Mascara

I hope you have enjoyed my wishlist!
What do you wish for your birthday?:)
Have a great Sunday!:)

Fashion Memos.

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  1. Hey ! thanks for your comment

    Making wishlists is so much fun :) I really like the sunnies you picked out and a good mascara is always useful.

    Actually my name is Barbara, not Lisa :) but funny that you wrote that

    B. x

  2. Love everything about this post!!!



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