Friday, 26 April 2013

Creative Designs

Hello Ladies,

I have some pictures from Milano's Design Furniture Fair which is also the biggest in the world. My lovely friend from Italy has send me some pictures that I can share with you. There were some very cool  items like this chair that she is eЗдравейте дами,

Здравейте мили дами,

Имам някои снимки от панаира в Милано за Дизайнерски Мебели, който е и най-големият в света. Моята прекрасна приятелка от Италия  ми изпрати няколко снимки, които да споделя с вас.

I think this is the most exclusive garment that I saw from the pictures I received. Can you guess what is the coat made from?
I couldn't! It is made from toothpicks:D
Crazy, isn't it?!

Миля че това палтенце ми направи най-голямо впечатление, когато получих снимките. Знаете ли от какво е направено? Аз неможах да позная, но уви-от клечки за зъби. Не е ли удивително колко иновативни са хората?!

And of course the Danish designs are not left behind with a representative from Kolding school of design.

Представител на Дания на панаира в Милано.

What do you think about such exclusive items?
Какво мислите за тези артистични изобретения?

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

First Feature for Fashion Memos

Hello Ladies,

I am so excited to share some great news with you. One of my DIYs from last year was featured in this month's Cosmo magazine in Bulgaria.  I participated in a competition with a topic 'recycle and dream' and my DIY project won one of the HM limited edition clutches. 


Здравейте мили дами,

Много съм щастлива да ви споделя страхотна новина, която получих днес. Един от моите 'направи си сам' проекти от миналата година беше публикуван в Космо България в броят за месец април. Участвах в конкурс на тема рециклирай и фантазирай и така проекта ми спечели място в Космо и също така един от клънчовете на HM.

It would actually be great if there is anyone that has the magazine and can send me a picture of the pages:) I would really appreciate it. And for the ones that are interested to see the DIY project that was featured, you can check it out HERE.

Ако някой от вас има списанието ще е страхотно ако можете да ми пратите снимка на статията. Ако искате да си припомните късметлията в това състезание, вижте проекта ТУК.

Monday, 15 April 2013

Shop! Shop! Shop!

Hello Ladies,

Thanks for reading and stopping by my blog! I have great news for all online shopaholics today. Vero Moda has its mid season sale and they have some pretty cool items that you need to see!

Stripes are very much IN this season and those two shirts caught my eye. What do you think, something that you are going to wear?

Military Style...I still love it:)

Maxi Dresses

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Have a great week!
Fashion Memos

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Aarhus Sustainable Fashion Show

I had a lovely weekend which started on Friday with a Sustainable Fashion Show that I visited together with my sister and friend. It was all about organic and Eco friendly materials and fabrics. It was pretty interesting to see what the young designers have created.

This is my sister wearing a black peplum top from Ebay.

And this is my friend Aurika wearing an amazing Zara blazer with leader sleeves and fabric body. I am so jealous about it, I think it is so cool. 

Here are some pictures of the Fashion show from Godsbanen, Aarhus. I have presented a small selection of some of the garments I loved and found interesting.

Thursday, 11 April 2013

On the Go...Milan Day 2 and 3

The second day in Milan was very active, we went inside Duomo di Milano Cathedral, very beautiful and interesting place, we also went up and could see the great view from the top.
We also visited a famous place for Italian panzerotti, that was just delicious but at the same time a caloric bomb. If my mom would see that I eat that I don't want to know what she would say..

We did a lot of walking through the shops because I was interested to see how the clothing shops and the fashion as a whole are differentiated from the ones in Denmark. It was indeed different, from what we have in the danish retail stores but also enjoyed to see some Italian chains that are just coming to Denmark, like Terranova for example. They are now opening a store  in Copenhagen.

The first time I went in this shop-Banana Republic.

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

On the go... Day 1 in Milan

Hey you guys:)

I am so sorry that I could not write you so much but having wireless connection in Milan was not so easy. I had a wonderful trip and enjoyed some quality time with my lovely boyfriend and girlfriend in the fashion capital.

Not only that I could go shopping and visited some of the most famous shopping places but I also got to enjoy the good Italian food. We arrived Friday evening when my friend introduced us to an aperitivo restaurant. Indeed, a good way to experience Italian food and at the same time taste different kinds. I indeed enjoyed it!

More pictures from my little journey are coming up soon!
Lots of hugs,
Fashion Memos

Friday, 5 April 2013

Packing up...and hello Milan

So.. On the go...and hello Milano:)

Me and my boyfriend have decided to celebrate my 24th birthday with a trip to Milan. I have never been there so a trip to the fashion capital will be a great experience for me:) I am looking forward to it! Stay tuned and follow Fashion Memos if you want to hear more about my trip! Join also the Facebook page for hot updates.

Enjoy your Friday and don't forget to check out the blog this weekend!

Monday, 1 April 2013

Easter Inspiration

So... how are you doing those days, girls?

I love the Easter holiday-enjoying the free time, relaxing, trying to catch up with the reading for school and lots of time for DIYs.

Me and my boyfriend painted some eggs yesterday and here is the result!

Here is a small DIY and the steps you need to fulfill in order to reach the final result:

Step 1: Get some onion shells (I used two different types of onions in order to have a better result)
Step 2: Cut them into pieces like shown on the picture below.
Step 3: You need also a pair of tights or thin socks where you will place a raw egg and also the pieces of onion shells that you have already prepared. Put the egg to boil for a longer time and when you see that the onion shells have colored the water you can let it stay in the pot until the water gets cold.
Step 4: Take the egg out and away from the sock! and voila ..