Monday, 31 March 2014

Happy Mother's Day

Don't forget to congratulate your beloved mothers with this beautiful celebration!

The weather here in Denmark is simply amazing, the sun is shining and it is a pleasure to be outside.

It is the last day of March and it finally feels like real spring:)

Enjoy the lovely Monday!

P.S. If you still haven't got anything to your mother, HERE is a link that might help.

Fashion Memos.

Friday, 28 March 2014


Hello guys,

I have just packed up and taking for Copenhagen for a conference, can't wait as I think Its going to be one long bit very exciting weekend:-) But I Will tell you a little bit more about it the next days!:-)

It's time ti annonce the winner of the wonderful GIVEAWAY/ cooperation with SammyDress. The lucky one that will add a new spring item in their closet is:

kami66294 (at)


For the ones that did not win, do not give up because there is so much more that I have prepared for you in the next month. My birthday is coming and I will break the tradition of giving presents, so instead you are going to be the receiver of the present! So... Thank you all that participated in this contest and stay tuned for more posts and news from Fashion Memos.

I want to thank SammyDress for the cooperation and I wish you a lovely Friday and weekend:-)

Fashion Memos

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Classic Black Heels from NELLY.COM

We all know that a pair of black pumps is a must have for every girl's closet. Even if my closet is full of heels, it stilled missed something. I was browsing on the internet looking for some new pieces to add to my closet and of course, you know me, checked one of my favourite places for online shopping NELLY.COM. I can always find something that I would like to have on their webshop. Anyways, I have been searching for a pair of super simple black pumps for some time now and there was always something I was missing...until I saw those beauties.

I am looking forward to put them this weekend and see what I am going to pair them with:) What do you think, guys? What is your favourite classic black pumps?

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Tuesday, 25 March 2014

3 Top Jewellery Trends For Spring 2014

My name’s Sarah and I’m working with an amber and silver jeweller called Henryka. I’m here to let you know all about how to keep your jewellery on trend this spring.

While I know we might still be feeling the chill of the winter months, it’s always exciting to look ahead to the warmer climates and begin to plan what we can wear, right? This spring sees a lot of revivals of past trends as well as the continuation of some others, so let’s get cracking shall we?


A variation on the statement necklace trend, this is all about bold and striking pendants on beautiful elegant chains. Think animal shapes from tigers to butterflies, lizards, and insects, or even try skulls for a more edgy and rocky look. Use it as a feature accessory with any casual or dressed up outfit.

Friendship Bracelets

Friendship bracelets are all about evoking that nostalgic feeling and childhood memories. The best way to do so is with string bracelets decorated with gems and beads, or a classic silver link charm bracelet. Stack them for the ultimate nostalgia look.


Last season was all about the masculine look, but this season it’s all about being feminine and proud. Go for delicate floral designs, with fine silver chains, the more girly the better. Team up a milky amber rose ring with this season’s ultimate feminine item, the pink coat.

So that’s what we’ve got to look forward to this spring, and I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to embrace my feminine side! Let me know what your favourite Spring 2014 trend is, and if there’s any others you’ve spotted…


This post was written by Sarah Hewitson for Henryka. Sarah loves keeping up to date about all things fashion, jewellery and beauty, and is also a secret geek!

Monday, 24 March 2014

I would not mind

I would not mind adding those beautiful items to my collection of spring/ summer outfits. I especially like the spiked little bag and the heels, loving the many colours and the fact that it will be possible to combine it with almost anything.

Spring is Yellow

Spring is Yellow by fashionmemos featuring spiked handbags

If you are following my blog for some time, you would also know that yellow is also my weak spot and this dress is something that will definitely fit perfectly in my closet.

What do you think?
Are you as crazy as me about this outfit?

Fashion Memos.

Saturday, 22 March 2014

BIANCO Heels in Action

Remember my lovely ankle booties from Bianco that I bought last year but I did not wear so much unfortunately, well here they are. I finally got to wear them this season a little bit more and I love them so much. I think they are so classy and elegant. They are a perfect fit with a nice black dress or a skirt:) just loving them. What do you think?

1. BIANCO Lenny Boot Beige HERE // 2. Bianco Lenny Boot Black HERE

Fashion Memos.

Friday, 21 March 2014

The Gold Belt

Loving the trend of the gold belts, it is a great way of magnifying and enhancing your outfit and look. The metallic belt is one of the latest trends, first seen at the red carpet. You can match it with almost anything you wish to, long dress, short dress and also pants or skirts. We can, kind of, find them in different width, some very tiny and other a little more solid, and match them according to your outfit. 

Here are some possible suggestions that are at friendly prices and look just amazing at the same time.

What do you think, girls?

1. MegZ massive gold belt HERE
2. Ebay massive gold belt HERE
3. Ebay gold belt HERE

What do you think? Do you own one?

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Thursday, 20 March 2014

The Launch of Portside Industry

Hello guys,

Last Friday I told you I will be at the launch of a new brand for leather garments - Portside Industry. Their collection consists of leather jackets with high quality leather for both man and women. The collection includes simple styles that unlike other brands does not really follow fashion trends but rather like to stay classy. You can, indeed, feel the quality of the leather when you touch it. The price range varies from 1250-1400 DKK. You can learn more about the company and enjoy the lovely styles that Portside Industry wants to offer on their website HERE.

I have an eye on one of their lovely jackets, lamb leather that feels great when you touch it.

Here is beautiful Brigita in Portside Industry leather pants and leather jacket. 

Do not forget, guys, to sign up for the GIVEAWAY HERE, it is just a little over than a week! Do not miss this amazing chance to add a new spring item and refresh your closet.

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Thursday, 13 March 2014

Friday Fashion Rush

Happy Friday, girls!

I hope you have planned a long and lovely weekend where you are going to enjoy a little bit more the spring weather... but don't forget to rest of course:) I have a busy weekend planned, starting from Friday early morning. I am looking forward for the launch of a new brand for leather garments  just in the heart of Aarhus. If you find yourself in the area, you can check the event HERE. The company has been promoted in the media as providing high quality leather items and making those items available for everyone. 


Надявам се, че сте планирали дълъг и прекрасен уикенд, за се насладите малко повече на пролетно време ... но не забравяйте да си почине, разбира се :) Аз, имам планиран натоварен уикенд, започвайки се от петък рано сутринта. Нямам търпение да посетя модното ревю по случай старта на нова марка за кожени облекла в сърцето на Орхус. Ако се окажете в района по това време, можете да проверите на събитието ТУК.

A picture of me enjoying the lovely spring day in Denmark, yesterday sitting on the grass and chatting with my friend! It was a lovely day:-)

Enjoy your Friday and weekend, girls!

Fashion Memos.

Time is Ticking

Hello, girls!!!

I hope you are enjoying the early spring days and the sun. I want also to remind you that there is still  some time left to enter the GIVEAWAY with SammyDress and add a new item to your spring closet by just clicking up a few bottoms HERE


Здравейте, момичета! 

Надявам се, че се наслаждавате на пролетните дни и слънцето. Искам също така да ви напомня, че все още имате малко време, за да участвате в конкурса със SammyDress и имате възможността да добавете нов елемент към пролетната си колекция само с няколко кликвания ТУК.

Fashion Memos.

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Spring is in the air

Just added a new item to my spring collection-Ralph Lauren 2 Big Pony. Already, loving the floral fruity smell and I am happy that I got the 100 ml bottle. It lasts long and I would definitely recommend it if you have a weakness to sweat, fruity smells.

The smell of Big Pony 2 fits to all seasons in my opinion but the light, fruity and fresh smell is best for the summer and spring period. Though, if you are more into celebrity perfumes, this smell might be a little boring.

Have you tried it?

Добавих нов елемент в моята към пролетната ми колекция-Ralph Lauren 2 Big Pony. Обожавам плодовия аромат и се радвам, че си взех 100 мл. Определено го препоръчвам, ако имате слабост към плодовите миризми. 

Big Pony 2 пасва за всички сезони, моето мнение е че този аромат е най-добре за лятото и пролетта. 

Опитвали ли сте този аромат и ако да, какво мислите?

Fashion Memos.

Monday, 10 March 2014

Flower Power

Happy Monday, girls!

Floral prints will be again in the centre of spring 2014. The flower patterns will always be as embodiment of spring. You can observe different flower patterns from delicate flowers to going through more vibrant and dark florals.

Which floral style do you think, you would choose for spring 2014- delicate and elegant, vibrant or dark florals?

The florals allow you to be up to date with the spring 2014 trends and at the same time looking back to the nineties.


Флорални щампи ще бъдат отново в центъра на пролет 2014. Моделите на цветя винаги ще бъде като олицетворение на пролетта. Можете да видите различни варианти на цветя от нежни цветя до по-ярки и тъмни цветя. 

Кой флорален стил ще изберете за пролет 2014 - деликатен и елегантен, жизнена/ ярък или тъмни цветя? 

Флорални мотиви позволяват да бъдем в крак с модата 2014 и в същото време да погледнем назад към деветдесетте години.


Remember my NELLY.COM dress that I first wore around 2 years ago for my birthday HERE? It is still modern, the patterns that they are using this year might be a little different from those but there is still a relationship that can be seen:)


Помните ли моята NELLY.COM рокля, която за първи път сложих около преди 2 години за рождения ми ден ТУК? Тя все още е модерена, моделите, които те използват за тази година може да са малко по-различни от тази, но все още я има връзката с флоралните мотиви :)

If you are interested in getting some new items, then you can visit the NELLY.COM page HERE. You can see a selection of super cool and fresh flower garments. Enjoy!!!


Ако искате да видите повече, от модата с флоралните елементи NELLY.COM ви првдлага завършена колекция ТУК.

P.S. Do not forget to participate in Fashion Memos GIVEAWAY HERE, the time is ticking and the last day is soon.

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Saturday, 8 March 2014

Happy Womans Day

Happy Woman's Day, pretty Ladies!

I hope you are going to have a lovely day and weekend.

Честит 8ми март, скъпи дами.

Желая ви прекрасен ден и уикенд.

Photo: Fashion Memos
I am going to an exhibition in Fredericia today together with my boyfriend, and I am looking forward to that.

Днес, ще присъствам на изложение във Фредериция заедно с приятеля ми, и нямам търпение:)

Photo: Fashion Memos

I wish you a great day!

Пожелавам ви приятно изкарване!

Fashion Memos.

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Thursday, 6 March 2014

Happy Birthday Fashion Memos

Happy second anniversary to Fashion Memos!

I can not believe that it has been 2 years since I wrote  my first article on Fashion Memos about THE ASTONISHING WOMAN which is until now one of the most viewed posts. When I first started blogging I had something in my mind and it is crazy to go back and see how much the blog has changed and at the same time how much it hasn't.


Изминаха две години, от както написах първата си статия във Fashion Memos за УДИВИТЕЛНАТА ЖЕНА, която е до сега една от най-четените ми публикации. Когато за първи път започнах блога имах нещо в съзнанието и сега като погледна назад, виждам колко блога се е променило и в същото време колко не е.

I believe i have learned a lot throughout those 2 years- not only about blogging and fashion, but also about the fact that if you want something, it will come if you are patient and consistent. I want to say 'Thanks' to all my friends and readers for the support and I hope that only great things will happen from now on.


Вярвам, че съм научил много през тези две години-не само за това какво е да бъдеш блогър и за модата, но също така и за факта, че ако искаш нещо, то ще дойде, ако си търпеливи и последователни. Искам да кажа едно "Благодаря" на всички мои приятели и читатели за подкрепата и се надявам, че само страхотни неща ще се случват от сега нататък.

Happy anniversary for Fashion Memos and thanks for reading my lovely blog!

Благодаря, драги читатели!

Fashion Memos

Get Ready for Your Prom Part 3

Hello guys, it's time for  Part 3 of the prom guide. In the FIRST GUIDE, I gave you an overview of things you will need to think of when preparing for your prom day. The SECOND PART was about the dress and I have you some useful tips.

Part 3 of the Prom Guide will try and give you some suggestions for the shoes and the bag that can fit your dress. I tried to choose more neutral colours as most of the girls prefer to choose and stress on the dress instead of accessories and shoes.


Здравейте момчета, време e за част 3 от гайда за как да се приготвите за бала. В ЧАСТ ЕДНО, направих преглед на нещата, за които ще трябва да помислите при подготовката за бала си. ВТОРАТА ЧАСТ е за роклята и някои полезни съвета.

В част 3 от гайда ще се опитам да ви дам няколко предложения за обувките и чантата, които могат да са подходящи за вашата рокля. Опитах се да се избере по-неутрални цветове, тъй като повечето момичета предпочитат да заложат на роклята като аксесоарите са за да завършат вида.

What do you think? Anything you would like to match with your prom dress if you have one already?

...and some more formal bags/ small purses that can match your prom shoes.


Какво мислите за тези обувки?

I hope that I have helped or at least give you some directions, where and what to look for. It is of course hard when you do not know what the dress is, but it is a good place to start with the prom shoes and  formal purses that i have shown in this post. If you have a hard time matching your shoes with your dress I recommend you to get a pair that is dyeable so you can dye them in order to match your prom dress. There are a lot of places online where you can do that, but you should also probably check your local retail stores for it, too.

If you need some more tips on how to match your prom shoes and your dress just write me!!!


Надявам се, че съм помогнал или поне съм ви дала насоки, в това, къде и какво да търсят. Това, разбира се, е трудно, когато не знам каква рокля сте избрали, но е място от където да започнете. Ако имате проблем с това да намерите обувки подходящи по цвят на роклята, препоръчвам ви да си купите чифт обувки които можете да боядисате. В много онлайн магазини можете да си купите такива и да ги боядисате в цвета на роклята ви. 

Ако имате нужда от още няколко съвет за роклята или каквото и да било, пишете ми!!!

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Tuesday, 4 March 2014

BLUE is the new BROWN

Loving this colour that is becoming popular this and i think it will continue throughout the winter season, too. When I was at COPENHAGEN FASHION WEEK there were so many garments in this colour prepared for the Autumn/ Winter 2014 collection.

This super cool clutch from BIANCO is on my spring wish list. Loving it. What do you think?
I also have my eyes on this lovely blue blazer from 


...and last but not least of course, I think this necklace from BIANCO will fit perfectly with a white top and the blue clutch, too. Very fresh for the Spring/Summer season.

So if you are also loving the royal blue, is there something you have planned for your shopping cart?

P.S. Don't miss the chance to participate in my GIVEAWAY and add some fresh, new items in your closet for the new season.

Fashion Memos.

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Weekend Rush

Hello guys!!!

I hope you have enjoyed a lovely weekend and you are recharged again! I had a lovely and very busy weekend. Starting from Friday when I had a lovely dinner out with my boyfriend and ending up on Sunday at FASHION OUTLET exhibition at the Scandinavian Congress Center in Aarhus.

Here you can see the few pictures I could take at the exhibition. There were mostly Danish brands representing, and the pictures below are from my favourite stand-the dresses. I loved the pieces that Piece n' Love had at their stand.

This is my favourite piece. I think the picture is not perfectly clear but the silver stones were actually shiny which made the dress, super attractive and special.

How did you spend your weekend?

I want to remind you guys that I am hosting INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY so do not miss the opportunity to add a new item to your closet and trying services.

Fashion Memos