Friday, 23 May 2014

New in from Bianco Footwear

Remember those babies that I posted on my April cravings list some time ago HERE? Well after thinking for a long time if I should get the black or white sneakers, than I finally decided to get the black  :)

Loving these platform sneakers... the perfect  footwear for a sightseeing day in the city. Have been wearing them almost the whole time since i am here, in Bulgaria.

What do you think about my new Bianco platform sneakers?

Have a lovely weekend!

Fashion Memos.

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Prom Adventures

I have been a little out of reach since I was in my family's summer house where there is no internet connection unfortunately, he-he-he. 

Anyways... Thursday was the last 'GET TOGETHER' day in my sis' school where all students were gathered in front of the principle and the rest of the school and were celebrated with their graduation. 

My sister and I were up from early morning in order to get ready for this lovely day. We went to the hair dresser where she had here hair done and some make up. Since she always straightens her hair, we decided to go for a more unusual and different for her hairstyle. She got super cute retro curls that fitted well as she has very long hair.



Top / Gina Tricot
Black Leggings / Similar HERE
Black Heels / Similar HERE and HERE
Clutch / NEXT

Have a lovely Sunday!

Fashion Memos.

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Bulgarian Adventures Part 1

So... I arrived safe in Bulgaria after a long day of travelling from Aarhus to Copenhagen then continued by plane Copenhagen-Belgrad-Sofia... Quite an adventure it turned out to be but finally here.

I travelled with Air Serbia which has released recently this new route from Denmark to Bulgaria and I was extremly happy with their service. The prices were Very friendly which quite important when you are still a student. The staff was Very friendly and answered all the questions I had and I honestly I haven't seen so many beautiful women on one plane for a long time:-)) Food was great since I paid just a small prise from the value I got to receive. Anyways, if you travel somewhere in Europe, check their destinations as they are definitely worth it:-)

P.S. You remember it is my lil sister's graduation in just a number of days? I Will give you some updates on how the preparation for the prom night is going!

Have a lovely days, guys!!!


Fashion Memos.

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Photo Diary

Hello girls, 

I am having a lovely Saturday with a little bit of shopping and relaxing since the last two weeks have been quite intense and have been quite busy with different projects. I am also looking forward to the Eurovision fonal tonight and of course crossing fingers for the Danish and Norwegian song. I have not really heard all of the songs but so far my favourites are those:-)

I am also getting ready for my trip to Bulgaria that I have been looking forward to for such a long time. I have not been home for almost a year so can't wait to spend the next 3weeks there. But more about that in the post tomorrow:-)

Enjoy the lovely weekend!

Fashion Memos.

Friday, 9 May 2014

Outfit for today

Happy Friday, peeps!

Loving my new NEWYORKER shirt with blue ornaments, you know that except my favourite yellow, this season I also love blue. This shirt in combination with H&M Jeans is just perfectly comfy for a Friday day studying at school.

Jeans: H&M Basics HERE
Shirt: New Yorker


Fashion Memos.

Thursday, 8 May 2014

You and Your HandBag

It is quite amazing how much you can tell about a person from their looks. At the same time, body language experts explain even the way you carry your bag talks about your personality. Quite crazy when you think about it, actually. The way I usually carry my bag is not really something I think about it.

Some women carry their bag in their elbow, similar can be seen in the second picture, this means that the woman is haughty and considers herself as a superior over others.  I do not

At the same time, if you have more than one bag, this means that she is busy with her everyday life and at the same time she is rather tired of all the things happening around her.

If you hold your bag tight with both of your hands, then you are definitely very shy and wait for man to approach you first when it comes to communication with the other sex.

If you press tight your bag towards your body says that you are really eager to say or do something.

I think I am very much the first one because the bags i carry always puts me in this position but I definitely do not see myself as a haughty one. But you never know... how others perceive you. :)

How about you, did you recognise yourself somewhere?


Fashion Memos.

Tuesday, 6 May 2014


New in and new favourite item in my closet this Spring/ Summer 2014 season. This new shirt that I got two weeks ago is from MONKI in my favourite yellow colour. I have not stopped by their shop for a long time but I am happy that I did this purchase.

The next step is summer sandals, so if you have any tips on that, please, write me a message or comment under this post:)

Enjoy your week!

Fashion Memos.

Sunday, 4 May 2014

Weekend DIY Inspiration

I hope you, guys, are enjoying the lovely weekend. The weather here has not been really the best but I am trying to get as much as I can. 

Since I am searching for my perfect summer clutch, I have been looking through the net, trying to find something that I like in the normal price range. Well... it has been quite hard, I think so far. What I found though was a super inspiring DIY project from Style Scrapbook

Her yellow clutch DIY is so amazing that instead of buying one, I have decided to try and make one myself. It's a truly amazing  DIY PROJECT and I am hoping to be able to find the right materials soon, I will eighter  try and find the yellow colour that Andy from Style Scrapbook used or may be the dark blue I am so crazy about.

SO... what do you think?

Fashion Memos.