Thursday, 27 February 2014

Get Ready for Your Prom Part 2

Hello girls,

In Part 1 of the guide 'how to get ready for your prom' I introduced you with some basic steps that you need to go through when planning your homecoming. I hope that this will help you prepare better and on time for this special evening.

This part will focus on the dress and what are your preferences when looking at the shops and catalogues. The dresses I chose are with friendly prices, in my oppinion, as I do not think that you, girls, should spend a fortune to find the best dress. I think that this is possible by spending a normal amount of money. I also think that these dresses will fit different body shapes, so you do not have to worry about loosing weight if you can not make it.

My sister is graduating this year and her prom is very soon. In November last year, we tried to explore the opportunities for buying a dress online, because the ones you can have in the shops in Bulgaria are quite pricey and at the same time the variety is very small and quite boring. I found this super cool website . The website provides a variety of dresses at a very good price in my opinion so we decided to try it. You can decide to choose a dress that is in different sizes or you can also customize it at a very low price-quite nice I though as  they give you the freedom to choose. I would definitely recommend it as the delivery was very quick and the dress my sister ordered looks amazing. There are some downfalls as when the dress came we needed to pay some additional fee because of the border control but my sister really loves the dress so it was worth the money. You won't necessary have the same issue but even if you do the price is still very good. The first picture is the dress my sister ordered, what do you think?


Besides that, here are the suggestions that I decided to share with you:

DRESS 1: A simple, yet, elegant and very feminine dress that goes along your body without being too tight for you. You should also consider that it will be confortable for dancing. This is the type of dress that I would personally prefer for my prom.

DRESS 2: This dress is as well very feminine but at the same time sexy. I like the change of length and also the color, brave and fresh summer look.

DRESS 2: This dress I decided to post because I think there is still many girls that would like to feel like a princess on their prom. The dress is every delicate and feminine stressing on the waist.

What do you think about the dresses? Any of the styles you would prefer?

The great thing with those dresses are that they can be also used in other occasions like weddings and also other more official celebrations, cocktail parties etc. It does not necessary need to be your prom dress.

I hope you like this post, and don't forget to participate in the lovely giveaway I am hosting.

Enjoy the weekend ladies!!!
Fashion Memos

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

International Giveaway with SammyDress

Today I have teamed up with SammyDress for an International Giveaway, refresh your closet by adding some new items. SammyDress is a great online store with a variety of products at user friendly price, so you if you a budget shopper, the place is definitely something you need to check out:)

Participation in the giveaway gives you the opportunity to pick up one of the items on the picture.

In order to participate in the competition, you should go through the following steps:

1. Like SammyDress Facebook page HERE 
2. Follow Fashion Memos on Instagram HERE or Facebook page HERE and if you are already a follower, follow Fashion Memos on Bloglovin HERE

3. Subscribe to SammyDress Youtube HERE 
4. Register SammyDress website HERE
5. Leave the product link you would like in the comment box below. Please also mention the size and the color

The giveaway starts from today 26th February until 26th March.

I hope one of you ladies will be a pround owner of one the items above. Good luck, girls.


За да участвате в конкурса, трябва следвате тези стъпки: 

 1. Харесайте страницата на “Sammy Dress” във Фейсбук ТУК
2. Следете „Fashion Memos” в Инстраграм ТУК или Фейсбук страницата ТУК, a пък ако вече ги следите, започнете да следите блога на „Fashion Memos” ТУК
              3. Абонирайте се за Youtube страницата на „Sammy Dress” ТУК
4. Регйстрирайте се на уебсайта на „Sammy Dress” ТУК
5.  Публикувайте като коментар линка към продукта ,който сте избрали в мястото отдолу, като също споменете размера и цвета, който бихте желали. 

Конкурса започва на 26 Февруари и е до 26 Март. Надявам се, че една от вас дами ще е горда собственичка на един от продуктите отгоре. Успех момичета!


Fashion Memos

Saturday, 22 February 2014

New In from MafkaBijouterie

Hope you are having a great weekend :-) i just wanted to share with you  this great piece that i received from a jewelry designer from Odense-handmade, unique pieces.

What do you think-) ?

Надявам се, че се наслаждавате на страхотен уикенд :-) Аз просто исках да споделя с вас гривната, която получих от дизайнер на бижута-гривна, ръчна изработка. 

Какво мислите  :-)?

I am still wondering what to pair it with bit I am going to let you know later on!:-)
Все още незнам как ще я съчетая, но това ще реша по-късно.

Fashion Memos.

Friday, 21 February 2014

Spice UP Your Friday Outlook

Happy Friday Darlings!!!

Have you though of how to spice up your Friday outfit? Instead of having your accessories as a secondary manner, you can also use them to magnify your outfit.

This is how my friend, Aurika, came to visit me today. I think that the combination of different sized golden rings and the bright nail polish is great.


Здравейте момичета,

Мислили ли сте как да разнообразите петъчното си облеклото? Можете да използвате аксесоарите за да усилите облеклото си .

 Ето по какъв начин моята приятелка, Аурика, дойде да ме посети днес... Мисля, че комбинацията от различни по големина златни пръстени и ярък лак за нокти е страхотна.

Photo: Fashion Memos
Photo: Fashion Memos

    Here are some suggestions from H&M that look nice and are also low priced:) / Ето няколко предложения от H&M, които изглеждат добре и са също на ниски цени :)


If you like these kind of accessories, there are also a few online shops that make unique handmade pieces one of which is HERE / Ето и линк към онлайн магазин, където можете да намерите ръчно направени уникати.

Have a great Friday and lovely weekend, girls!/ Приятен уикенд, момичета!

Fashion Memos.

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Get Ready for Your Prom Part 1


I hope you are having a great week and you are looking forward to the upcoming weekend. I have recently been thinking that the so long waiting prom time is coming up, just a few months until the actual graduation time so I hope you have started at least thinking about the steps you need to go through in order to complete the whole process.


Надявам се, че се наслаждавате на седмицата и чакате предстоящия уикенд. Наскоро се замислих, че дълго чаканият бал наближава и е само след няколко месеца. Надявам се, че сте започнали най-малко да мислите приготовленията през които трябва да минете следващите три месеца.

I graduated almost six years ago but I still remember the rush I needed to go through because I started preparing for the prom a little late. I was too focused on preparing my university applications instead. Anyways, I will try and go through some basic things that you should consider when getting ready for this special day:-)


I have dug up some online shops that I can recommend you if you would like to get a nice dress at affordable price:-) and of course with the accessories, too. So swing by for part two where I am going to give you a little bit more info about the dress and places you can purchase one online :-)


Завърших преди почти шест години, но аз все още помня тръпката от приготовленията. По това време бях прекалено съсредоточена върху кандидат-студентските ми изпити отколкото приготовленията по бала. Както и да е, ще се опитам да ви помогна с основните приготовления за този специален ден :-) 

Намерих няколко онлайн магазини, които мога да ви препоръчвам, ако искате да си купите хубава рокля на достъпна цена :-) и разбира се с аксесоари, също. Наминете за втората част, когато ще преминем към роклята :-)

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Leighton Meester for NELLY.COM

I am so excited guys to tell you that Leighton Meester's collection for NELLY.COM will be released in a little more than a week The launch will be on 24th February, so stay tuned and don't forget to follow up of course.

Check out NELLY.COM for more information about the collaboration and and Leighton you can find out HERE.


Fashion Memos

Insta Week

Hello girls,

Having a good weekend? I had a lovely Friday but unfortunately very busy with school weekend as I need to hand in an assignment for school on Monday so I need to use efficiently my time. 

Anyways, I hope you have had better and more fun time!

Fashion Memos.

Friday, 14 February 2014

Outfit Ideas for Valentines Day

Happy Friday and Valentine's day!

Here I have chosen some suggestions for your Valentine's outfit. You can choose to have a more comfortable and sporty look during the day and a more feminine and elegant for your date or for the evening. Both looks will keep the Valentine's day touch.

ADlinks: Black leggings/ H&M HERE- Red Chiffontop/ H&M HERE- Chiffondress/ H&M HERE- Leather Boots/ Bianco HERE

I wish you a great day full of love!

Fashion Memos.

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

DIY Shamballa bracelet

Hello girls!!!

Hope you are enjoying your week :)

For a long time now I have wanted to try this DIY project and make my own shamballa bracelet but I never get the time because there is always something coming along that is more important or urgent to do. This week I told myself that 'I will finally try it!'

It is actually very easy to do it, you can try yourself. You need just a few things: 
- Scissors
- I used very thin leather cord-1 mm (you can also use waxed thread)
- Beads depending on what you want (make sure you choose bead with a hole of at least 1 mm, I made the mistake not to consider that :D)
- You need some tape 
- Some glue

Everything else you need to know you will hear from Jessica and her online tutorial on how to make a shamballa bracelet HERE. I think her instruction video is very helpful and I recommend it.

Photo: Fashion Memos

Photo: Fashion Memos
What do you think about my creation?
Do you like shamballa bracelets and if yes do you have one in your jewelry box?

Stay tuned for more...
Fashion Memos.

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Friday finds from eBay

Hello darlings,

I hope you are getting ready for a lovely weekend. Any plans?

It is Friday-time to release the finds for the weekly finds. I am quite fond of the neon colors and love the yellow skirt. I also stumbled upon this lovely shirt and high waist shorts. Have you found something interesting while searching on the net, please feel free to post a comment with all your finds, I will be happy to read everything and get some suggestions:)

What do you think about my finds? Anything you like?

Enjoy your weekend, girls!

Fashion Memos.

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

New in from NELLY.COM

Hello girls,

I hope you are doing well, enjoying your week:)

I have just received my last order from NELLY.COM, my first sequin dress ever. I usually like to emphasize   on accessories and shoes, while having a simple outfit, rather than a shiny dress but this time I decided to go for a different choice. I love the patterns of this beauty and the combination of yellow (my favorite color) and black.

Photo: Fashion Memos


I am looking forward to an occasion to put it on now:)
What do you think?

Fashion Memos

Monday, 3 February 2014

Copenhagen Fashion Week Day 2

Fashion week has been a great place for many to explore different fashion brands and events around the city and to exploit the available opportunities in Copenhagen. I discovered a great brand that I did not know that exist before and instantly fell in love with their amazing bags.

Picture: Fashion Memos

Picture: Fashion Memos

Picture: Fashion Memos

One of the best-Pilgrim's golden bracelet, very beautiful piece.
What do you think, girls?

Picture: Fashion Memos

This is just a small part of the many pieces I could see at the Jewelry Room on Friday. It was also the last place I visited before leaving Copenhagen. It has indeed been an incredible experience for me to be a part of this year's fashion week and I hope I can participate again in August this year, too.


Fashion Memos.

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Copenhagen Fashion Week Day 1

Hello girls,

Coming up with updates from CFW. It has been quite an experience to visit this years' CFW. One of the most exciting places to visit was CIFF's international fair with some of the best designers' collections for next autumn/ winter collections. It has been great to see some of the leading Scandinavian brands on one place and have the opportunity to stop by and talk to them.

Amazing Shoe Collection by Sofie Schnoor.

And... my favorite of all the Sonize accessories collection with amazing pieces.

Love these accessories!!!

What do you think? More pictures coming up the next days, so stay tuned!

P.S. Enjoy your Sunday!