Sunday, 9 December 2012

Christmas Advent Calendar DIY

As promised, the Christmas Calendar DIY:P

That is the calendar that I made for my boyfriend this year:)I am really proud of the result and he was really happy about the gesture and my effort I put in it:)

Step 1:
Here are some things you need in order to prepare it:

24 envelopes, different sizes or what I did was to cut the small envelopes in two and have them in half
Some Christmas paper that you can use as a background
White A3 Paper, I put together 4 pieces of A3 paper in order to get the size
I also needed some colorful paper to make it more cheerful 
24 Christmas socks, those ones are textile and I have not bought them but of course you can use whatever you want to draw the numbers

Step 2:

That is the actual process, for me it took time because I have had a lot of classes so I did not have that much time to do it so I use only my evenings but can be done in a day of course.

Step 3:

This step was the most challenging for me as it represents all the presents. I first did not think about how I am going to fit them in my calendar so it was pretty difficult to place all the present at one and the same time. I am putting now every day a present in, or a clue where to find it:)

What can you put in the calendar?
I used different candy of course, games, socks etc. You can get all the inspiration you need, stopping by the local supermarkets etc.

I hope you enjoyed it:)

Fashion Memos

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Christmas has arrived in Denmark

Hello dear ladies:)

How are you? Enjoying the Christmas spirit and the cold weather?
The first real snow has arrived in Denmark, everything is white and so pretty. I spent the day at home enjoying the view from the window and watching the Sunday program on the TV :)

Exam time is so close and I know that I should study and start preparing for them, but it just feels so good to be laze and enjoy myself:):D

I have tried a pretty cool DIY project that I made actually for my boyfriend. It is a Christmas Calendar, from 1-24th December, where he has a small present every day. Stay tuned tomorrow and I am going to show you some pictures.

Now I have prepared my wishlist for Christmas, may be you can get some inspiration.:)

Those items are just a part of a long list that I have sent to my family. To them I have also added vouchers to some of my favorite shops, some things I would like to have in the kitchen and many more:D

What do you think? Have you already prepared your wish list?

kisses and enjoy your Sunday!