Saturday, 20 July 2013

The last weekend in Bulgaria

Happy Sunday Girls,

Here are some pictures from my last weekend in Bulgaria:-) I had a marvelous time with my sister and mom at a spa hotel in the mountains! Miss them so much!

... And of course the great Bulgarian food<3 Danish food is pretty boring, even if there are some dishes that I enjoy:-) (main ingredients in Danish kitchen- potatoes and pork)


Have a lovely Sunday Ladies:-)
Fashion Memos.

Hottest Bangs Ever

Hello Ladies,

Today's topic is BANGS:-)
I have recently needed a change in my haircut and I was wandering  what would fit best my face shape. I have always wanted  to have a blunt bang but every time I went to the hairdresser they told me one and the same thing- your face is too small to have a blunt bang...and bla-bla.
So of course when hearing that I never even considered doing it until this summer when I went to Bulgaria for my vacation. I was sure I need to change something about my hair and did it:)

I am super happy about the result and surely will keep it until I get tired of maintaining it cause believe me-you need to really take care of it:) 


So...any favorites? If yes, which one would you choose:)?

Friday, 19 July 2013

Back to reality

Dear Ladies:)

I hope you are doing fine.. and thanks for all the comments and the visits even if I have not been so active the last months.

I am back from holiday in Bulgaria now for a week already...miss it so much! I wished I would have had more than two weeks to recover from the last semester of work and studies.

Anyways, I have enjoyed so much the time there and tried to use every moment properly. What are you up to those days? Any plans?

Have a great Friday!