Tuesday, 12 January 2016


A little DIY project I did this weekend to decorate my dinner table. Since the heat is up, flowers don't last too long in my apartment, so I decided to experiment and stumbled upon this super cool DIY home decor. It is an easy, cheap and the most important beautiful decor for your home. At the same time I had a lot of fun doing it as well. You just need a few things to make this table decor: some brunches as well as clay- you can get the clay at your local hobby shop. I got mine in Søstrene Grene- both silk clay and foam clay.


When you get the materials you just start rolling and do your magic. I made a mix between white silk clay and silver foam clay. I think it turned out to be beautiful. However, you can as well experiment with some brighter colours, of course. I have seen some beautiful DIY projects with pink clay as well.


Here is the final version! You can keep it as long as you want I guess :) Happy Crafting and don't forget to follow and share.



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