Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Detox diary: cleansing day 10

My cleansing diet is still on and not it is the hardest part- last day on fruits and two more on yoghurt.The cleansing takes 12 days- just to get rid of the toxins and the fat food around Christmas.  I did it also in October/ November last year for 1 month and felt great after that. I cleaned my body and at the same time lost some kilos, which was just what I wanted. During this period I totally changed my strategy for buying food and cooking. I also think more about how I eat and what I eat. I would basically recommend it to anyone, so if you want to here more about the diet, just let me know and I would prepare a post. 

Today, I am enjoying this so tasteful mango, an apple with a few dates- just love it and always take my tea with the breakfast- no sugar.

* Every morning before having food I drink a cu of warm water.



Fashion Memos.

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