Monday, 1 April 2013

Easter Inspiration

So... how are you doing those days, girls?

I love the Easter holiday-enjoying the free time, relaxing, trying to catch up with the reading for school and lots of time for DIYs.

Me and my boyfriend painted some eggs yesterday and here is the result!

Here is a small DIY and the steps you need to fulfill in order to reach the final result:

Step 1: Get some onion shells (I used two different types of onions in order to have a better result)
Step 2: Cut them into pieces like shown on the picture below.
Step 3: You need also a pair of tights or thin socks where you will place a raw egg and also the pieces of onion shells that you have already prepared. Put the egg to boil for a longer time and when you see that the onion shells have colored the water you can let it stay in the pot until the water gets cold.
Step 4: Take the egg out and away from the sock! and voila ..


Thank you for reading!
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