Sunday, 29 March 2015

Weekend with FindersKeepers

Yesterday, it was a lovely day in Aarhus so me and my boyfriend we decided to visit the Design market FindersKeepers. It was great to see so many talented and creative people on one place exhibiting their products. You could find beautiful things such as artworks, things for the house like amazing wooden furniture with regional designs:) as well as handmade jewellery from a number of Danish designers... and of course high-end or more exclusive second hand clothing.

I was interested in anything beautiful, but since with my boyfriend we are trying to collect pictures and paintings for our gallery wall. I will tell you about this a little bit later in a future post, where I will show you what I have collected so far... but this we will leave for later.

I unfortunately did not have the opportunity to picture all of the designers since there were quite a lot of visitors. The market is very popular so of course, it it full of people that would buy the beautiful creations that are being presented.

I love this stand... it was one of my favourite designs for the home Trine Rytter Ceramics HERE   has amazing creations that can be used in different context... candle holder, vase etc... you say it. Amazing work with ceramics and of course the colours were very great as well.

This is the stand by Fragment Jewellery that you can find on the link HERE. Very interesting designs and techniques. Beautiful jewellery.

... and of course one of my favourite designers- Marika Christensen and her bymarika creations, we interviewed her from our November: Inspiring story HERE. Now she is running a new brand of handmade minimalistic jewellery made from gold and silver. You can see a great selection of her designs on her website HERE and follow her on #bymarika.

I hope you enjoyed this post and follow

Have a lovely Sunday!
Fashion Memos.

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