Monday, 12 August 2013

New findings from BK Handmade Jewelry

Dear Ladies,

 As I promised you guys, I would like to introduce you to a new outstanding young designer of jewelries - BK Handmade Jewelries. I visited the shop this summer while my holiday in Bulgaria and fell completely in love with most of the pieces. I loved the colors and the materials that have been combined...The pictures below are of a bracelet that was custom made for me from the designer of the jewelries-so nice, isn't it:) What do you think?

I kind of told her that I would like to have something simple in not too many colors and that is something she came up with:)

Here you can see some of the pieces in the collection of BK Handmade Jewelrie, when I visited the shop. I think some of the pieces are really incredible, taking into consideration also that she works with semi-precious stones.

Any thoughts? What do you think, any favorites?

Fashion Memos.

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