Sunday, 8 March 2015


Happy International Women's day!

We all have someone in our family that needs lots of attention on this special day. Mothers, sisters or girlfriends – they all deserve your time today. Surprise them with flowers or give them some chocolate, it does not matter; just show how much you appreciate them.

Celebrated internationally, Women’s day tries to recognize women’s achievements and also encourage gender equality and the idea that women and men should have the same human rights. For decades, women have been discriminated or underestimated in different aspects of live – they are paid less, less likely to hold higher positions, do not have access to education or health and so on. Progress has been developed, thanks to different organizations and campaigns, but we still have a long way to go.

Recently, one popular initiative was created by the UN Women called #HeForShe. Aiming at achieving gender equality and women empowerment, the campaign tries to change the fighting strategy and include not only women but also boys and men. Emma Watson is one of the ambassadors of the campaign and her speech became a viral hit on social media. You can see the video here.


Have a lovely weekend and support the campaign #HeForShe!

Silviya and Fashion Memos.

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