Sunday, 15 March 2015

Healthy Pancakes DIY

I am trying to get fit for the summer season, so I have been trying to exchange the fat and unhealthy food with some more healthy meals for the past 2 weeks. Here is one of my favourite recipes- 100% sugar free and flour free tasty pancakes perfectly suited for Sunday breakfast:)

For every two eggs and one banana, you will have approximately 2-3 pancakes, so have that in mind when you decided to make them.

STEP 1: First, make sure the bananas you have chosen are not green, because it will be hard to smash them with the fork.

STEP 2: Add the eggs to the bananas.

STEP 3: Use the mixer until it turns to a homogeneous mixture. 

...and VOILA..

You get perfectly delicious pancakes. I used some blueberry jam and banana slices, but you can use whatever you want on.

Thanks to Sarah Louise for the great recipe and I highly recommend you to try it.

Have a lovely Sunday!

Fashion Memos.


  1. Yummy!!! Lately i've been looking for healthy recipes for pancakes and this one sounds reaally easy! I will definitely try it!

    1. They were, and the amazing thing is that the the taste does not differ too much from the normal ones :)

  2. Must be yum!

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