Wednesday, 12 February 2014

DIY Shamballa bracelet

Hello girls!!!

Hope you are enjoying your week :)

For a long time now I have wanted to try this DIY project and make my own shamballa bracelet but I never get the time because there is always something coming along that is more important or urgent to do. This week I told myself that 'I will finally try it!'

It is actually very easy to do it, you can try yourself. You need just a few things: 
- Scissors
- I used very thin leather cord-1 mm (you can also use waxed thread)
- Beads depending on what you want (make sure you choose bead with a hole of at least 1 mm, I made the mistake not to consider that :D)
- You need some tape 
- Some glue

Everything else you need to know you will hear from Jessica and her online tutorial on how to make a shamballa bracelet HERE. I think her instruction video is very helpful and I recommend it.

Photo: Fashion Memos

Photo: Fashion Memos
What do you think about my creation?
Do you like shamballa bracelets and if yes do you have one in your jewelry box?

Stay tuned for more...
Fashion Memos.

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