Thursday, 27 February 2014

Get Ready for Your Prom Part 2

Hello girls,

In Part 1 of the guide 'how to get ready for your prom' I introduced you with some basic steps that you need to go through when planning your homecoming. I hope that this will help you prepare better and on time for this special evening.

This part will focus on the dress and what are your preferences when looking at the shops and catalogues. The dresses I chose are with friendly prices, in my oppinion, as I do not think that you, girls, should spend a fortune to find the best dress. I think that this is possible by spending a normal amount of money. I also think that these dresses will fit different body shapes, so you do not have to worry about loosing weight if you can not make it.

My sister is graduating this year and her prom is very soon. In November last year, we tried to explore the opportunities for buying a dress online, because the ones you can have in the shops in Bulgaria are quite pricey and at the same time the variety is very small and quite boring. I found this super cool website . The website provides a variety of dresses at a very good price in my opinion so we decided to try it. You can decide to choose a dress that is in different sizes or you can also customize it at a very low price-quite nice I though as  they give you the freedom to choose. I would definitely recommend it as the delivery was very quick and the dress my sister ordered looks amazing. There are some downfalls as when the dress came we needed to pay some additional fee because of the border control but my sister really loves the dress so it was worth the money. You won't necessary have the same issue but even if you do the price is still very good. The first picture is the dress my sister ordered, what do you think?


Besides that, here are the suggestions that I decided to share with you:

DRESS 1: A simple, yet, elegant and very feminine dress that goes along your body without being too tight for you. You should also consider that it will be confortable for dancing. This is the type of dress that I would personally prefer for my prom.

DRESS 2: This dress is as well very feminine but at the same time sexy. I like the change of length and also the color, brave and fresh summer look.

DRESS 2: This dress I decided to post because I think there is still many girls that would like to feel like a princess on their prom. The dress is every delicate and feminine stressing on the waist.

What do you think about the dresses? Any of the styles you would prefer?

The great thing with those dresses are that they can be also used in other occasions like weddings and also other more official celebrations, cocktail parties etc. It does not necessary need to be your prom dress.

I hope you like this post, and don't forget to participate in the lovely giveaway I am hosting.

Enjoy the weekend ladies!!!
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  1. Those are such beautiful dresses! I love the last one. I would wear that one if I could do prom all over again lol.

    Thanks for sharing. And thank you for your lovely comment on my blog :)

    xo Azu

  2. Those dresses look beautiful!

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