Sunday, 11 March 2012

Do you like glowing in the dark?

Hello girls,

Sorry I have not been so active yesterday but I have been preparing some surprises for you during the next week, so keep following the blog and stay tuned.

I must say that 2011 has been a glow in the dark year! The trend in 2012 will not be different. Adding some glitter and sparkles makes everything so much more fun. Glitter shoes, sparkling dresses, nails etc.

I received these babies as a Christmas present from a friend of mine but have not had yet the opportunity to put them on, due to the weather conditions in Denmark. But I love them! My first glitter shoes. You can also notice that I have immediately put the Plastic Fantastic Heel Protector due to the fact that I have no intention on ruining them:)

Photographer: Hunterfield

Photographer: Hunterfield

Diamond touch

The small diamonds on the shoe's platform looks so amazing and delicate. I just love it! It gives a completely new look to these darlings.

Photographer: Hunterfield

As we are talking about shoes gives you the unique opportunity to win shoes for a whole year. Isn't that amazing?! I would love to get a pair of shoes from their website every month till the rest of the year. Anyways, you can enter the competition only until 15th March, so hurry up and press here to read what you need to do in order to participate.

Sparkling outfit

That is one of my best friends. She loves sparkling outfit especially the blue top. She received it from Vero Moda for her birthday party and she put it straight away. She loves being in the center of attention and with this kind of outfit you are definately gonna glow even in the dark.

If you like this post, I can prepare a guide how to sparkle your shoes yourself! Easy and cheap:)Just leave a comment below or send me an email.

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