Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Are you getting ready for your prom? Fun, Stress or both?

This is going to be one of the most important evenings of your life and things definitely need to be perfect. Prom can be one of the greatest evenings in your high school experience- a special night that you look forward to, share with your friends and family. Though, for some people this could turn also into a disaster, another reason to be worried and stressed out.

I still remember mine. It was like yesterday. I was walking for months searching for a dress that I am going to wear for just a night. And the shoes?! That was probably the hardest part. I went with a date, a friend of mine, a really nice guy from my class, we matched perfectly. We did not go shopping together but we agreed beforehand on what the colors should be and also the car we will be driving with. It was an amazing night.

Anyways, just wanted to give you some basic advices about what to do and not to based on my experience:).

Pick up a comfortable dress. It is very important that your dress allows you to move fluent and is not too tight or too open. I was very lucky with that, because my dress had no corset or what so ever.

Do not spend too much money on the dress unless you are going to wear it in the future. I picked up not so formal one and thought that I am going to wear it at least in one-two other occasions but not. It is just hanging in my closet.

Now just hanging in my closet:)

Shoes! It is the most important thing! I insisted on having a really high heels due to the reason that I am just 1.65 m. and what turned out in the end of the evening was that I was dancing with no shoes. My feet hurt so much that I preferred  having no shoes.

Jewelry and accessories-I had very very delicate bracelet, earrings and neckless from swarovski in brown stones. I still have it and use it, it was a good investment...and my bag, I bought it together with the shoes in shiny black. I wear it all the time

.And of course, last but not least-don't forget to have fun!

Hope I helped!


Fashion Memos.


  1. Thanks for the advices. I expect my prom in 2014 and i'm sure this will help!!!

  2. I am happy to help. You are very welcome to write me if you have any questions:)

  3. I live in Denmark, so we don't really have prom - we just have a lot of parties throughout the year - HOWEVER, tomorrows theme is actually prom (weird, since prom usually has a theme, right?), but in our eyes it is formal wear and stuff. So i guess I'm going to prom tomorrow! Excited!

  4. That's nice! Enjoy your evening and hope to see some pictures in your blog:)

  5. We don't have prom here.. Your dress looks lovely!

    - Laura

  6. Thank you, Laura. It is a Bulgarian designer..and is one of a kind..I love it also but unfortunately have no occasions to put it again:(


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