Thursday, 22 March 2012

Are you a High Heels girl or a Flats girl?

High Heels or Flats?

I would definitely choose heels and I will tell you why. Back in Bulgaria I used to use mostly high heels, I probably had just one or two pairs of flats that I used for Sports at school. Even if I was wearing heels all the time, my legs were never tired:)

Now the situation changed a little bit. I do wear more flats than heels now-at work, at school. But the fact is that I still have more high heels than flats. When I go to the shoe shops my eyes can see only heels. Strange, right?

Anyways, thats a top I got from my boss the time i was working in Plastic Fantastic. I was cleaning my wardrobe  the last days and found it still with the tags. Soon will be able to put it on!

What do you think, heels or flats?

Fashion Memos.

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  1. I prefer flats due to my life style, though my eyes do see high heels at the shops as well!


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