Sunday, 10 November 2013

Guest post-DIY Huge Necklace

Dear Fashion Memos' readers! 

Do you like the new trend  - HUGE NECKLACES? 
If yes, I have a cheaper and more creative option for you to get it. Here is for example this lovely piece by ZARA. 

All you need is a few 'ingredients': 
- beads
- yarn
- metal chain
- pliers
- needle and thread 
- fasteners 

You can go different ways about it, I started to add the pink beads first. Than I fastened the chains together with yarn. Once they were together I added the small yellow and blue beads to it.

Once the major part was done, I have added the chains and the clasp to the necklace. The bracelet was done to the same logic, but it is much easier and smaller:). I fastened the chains together and than added the beads.

I believe it is a perfect combination for both casual and smart wear. You can combine it with all the colours you add to it, so it makes a very fresh and stylish look! Or you can combine it with a black evening dress or a top and you will look smart and dressy!

This way you can do it for the the quarter of the price and combine the colours which you prefer:)!
Have fun!

If you you would like to see some of Diana's other fantastic creations you can see the blog post that was dedicated to her HERE or her Facebook page-DIUS Design.


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  3. Great idea! Beautiful necklace!

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  4. Congrats to DIana!! I really love this necklace!! She did an amazing job!
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  7. Great post, I love the necklace it looks great! Thanks for sharing this DYI! You have a lovely blog, maybe we can follow each other?! Following you now with Bloglovin :)

  8. I love when these necklaces became so popular. I like that they give so many options; options where you can create your own version- just like this DIY. And matching bracelet seems just like a wonderful idea too :)
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  9. Interesting DIY!

  10. What a beautiful necklace!

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  11. Fabulous DIY!
    Kisses from Miami,

  12. Wow the jewelry pieces look amazing! I especially love the bib necklace :) your newest follower -G

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  15. such a great diy! I love how colourful the necklace is :)
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  16. Wow...she did a great job on this! The necklace is beautiful. I love statement necklaces!

    Just found your blog and I'm glad I did :) I'm now following you through GFC and Bloglovin.

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