Thursday, 28 November 2013

November Inspiring Story

Hello guys and girls,

Today's inspiring story will meet you with an exciting and interesting young woman. She is beautiful, talented and her smile is so big that it can warm up anyone's heart. Meet Marika!


Name: Marika Kjellstrøm Christensen
Age: 27
Company/Position: Owner of selling vintage jewelry and soon to be selling handmade silver jewelry


Could you say a few words about yourself to Fashion Memos’ readers? 

I'm a young woman with a creative heart, who never knew what to do education wise or carrier wise. But I always knew that I wanted to create my own life. After finishing Market economist I ended up in the online shop department at VILA A/S which is a subbrand to the big Danish  clothing company BESTSELLER. I worked my way up to department manager in two years, and after one year as manager I decided that it was time for me to make a move if I ever wanted to do what I had always dreamed of. So how do you say no to a good steady income and yes to an unsecure future? You breathe, forget about the money and think about what will make you happy. Then you take the jump.

Where did you get the passion for vintage jewelry? 

I'm not the type of girl who always buys her clothes in 2nd hand stores. I just really like special jewelry and was sad that it was so hard to find in the Danish 2nd hand stores where it was always the clothes which was in focus. I saw a gap in the Danish market and thought it would be a great idea to try and explore it. People loved the idea from the first day as they clearly had been thinking the same.

How was the idea about VINTAGE BUTIKKEN born and did you need to have a substantial investment? 

The last year of my job I started saving up some money. I saved up so that I could live one year without earning anything. I also did everything I could myself. I build the whole webshop myself to save the money. I had also been buying my stock during this year. The rest of my investment was made for the money I started to earn from the shop.

Who are your pieces addressed to?

My goal audience are women between 15 and 40. There are all types of women. The main  type is the girl who likes to personalize her fashionable look with some unique jewelry.





How do you go about finding your pieces? We’d love to know about the process—choosing designs and where do you find them?

I find my goods on travels to mostly London, Berlin, Hamburg and around markets in Denmark. I also do online auctions where I buy  whole bunch of unknown jewelry which I get home in a big mess and sort the gold from the trash. I have som great contacts in USA and England who sell vintage jewlery to other wholesalers like me. Here I get most of my silver rings and necklaces, sunglasses and hairbands. As long as the pieces looks nice and in good conditions they are welcome at the shop. The designs are so different and speak to so many different people.

Is there a specific celebrity you’d love to see wearing one of your pieces?

It would be great to see some Danish celebs with my pieces such as Medina (the singer), Sara Bro (radio host) and Stine Abrahamsen (singer in Alphabeat). They are all strong Danish women who people look up to, and who has a great style which would fit my jewelry very well.

What is the most important lesson you’ve learned as an entrepreneur?

I have learned that no matter if your business gets success or not, it is always a success to have chosen your dream and tried to chase whatever makes you happy.


What would you tell Fashion Memos' readers?

If you feel that something out there is calling for you, don't be afraid to jump into it. And if you feel unsure, just start of slowly next to your job or part time job. All the practical stuff that scare most people away gets a lot easier as soon as you start researching. No entrepreneur knew everything in the beginning. It comes as you go along. And make a business plan, but do not spend too long time on it. Just get going or you can get stuck making plans forever.  

If you want to know more about VINTAGEBUTIKKEN or you just want to know more about Marika

Visit her FaceBook Page or Instagram


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