Thursday, 11 April 2013

On the Go...Milan Day 2 and 3

The second day in Milan was very active, we went inside Duomo di Milano Cathedral, very beautiful and interesting place, we also went up and could see the great view from the top.
We also visited a famous place for Italian panzerotti, that was just delicious but at the same time a caloric bomb. If my mom would see that I eat that I don't want to know what she would say..

We did a lot of walking through the shops because I was interested to see how the clothing shops and the fashion as a whole are differentiated from the ones in Denmark. It was indeed different, from what we have in the danish retail stores but also enjoyed to see some Italian chains that are just coming to Denmark, like Terranova for example. They are now opening a store  in Copenhagen.

The first time I went in this shop-Banana Republic.

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