Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Janni Delér for NLY TREND

I am absolutely in love with Janni Delér's collection for NLY TREND. I don't know if you have seen it but I recommend you to check it out HERE. The 70s inspired collection presents amazing pieces for the upcoming holidays, great pieces suitable for your New Year celebration and Christmas. At the same time the collection for NLY TREND includes a number of more casual garments such as the beautiful grey turtle neck pullover on the picture.

Glam High Neck Dress by Janni  Delér for NLY TREND

Glam Velvet Burn Out Bells by Janni  Delér for NLY TREND

Glam Favourite Knit by Janni  Delér for NLY TREND

Glam Structure Cape Dress by Janni  Delér for NLY TREND

What do you think about the collection? Any favourite pieces?


Fashion Memos.

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  1. These pieces are stunning! I absolutely adore that last piece. It is incredible.


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