Thursday, 8 May 2014

You and Your HandBag

It is quite amazing how much you can tell about a person from their looks. At the same time, body language experts explain even the way you carry your bag talks about your personality. Quite crazy when you think about it, actually. The way I usually carry my bag is not really something I think about it.

Some women carry their bag in their elbow, similar can be seen in the second picture, this means that the woman is haughty and considers herself as a superior over others.  I do not

At the same time, if you have more than one bag, this means that she is busy with her everyday life and at the same time she is rather tired of all the things happening around her.

If you hold your bag tight with both of your hands, then you are definitely very shy and wait for man to approach you first when it comes to communication with the other sex.

If you press tight your bag towards your body says that you are really eager to say or do something.

I think I am very much the first one because the bags i carry always puts me in this position but I definitely do not see myself as a haughty one. But you never know... how others perceive you. :)

How about you, did you recognise yourself somewhere?


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  1. I carry my bag on my elbow but I definitely don't think I'm superior over others.

    Christina | Passion Obsession


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