Thursday, 10 April 2014

The Launch of H&M Conscious Exclusive 2014

The long waited Conscious Collection from H&M is now here. The release is today and the euphoria from the event can be observed all over the internet. I still remember the first Conscious Collection they released in 2012 HERE.

As the previous collection, also this one consist of amazing gala/ special occasions outfits. If you have followed my blog previously, then you will also find the PROM guides that I made for the future graduates. So... I would like to add to my prom dresses suggestions also the lovely H&M Conscious Collection 2014.

The lovely garments  from the Exclusive H&M Collection 2014 can fit also other occasions like weddings and all kinds of events that require a beautiful outfit. The great thing is that the H&M Exclusive Collection include not only the beautiful dresses that you can see below but at the same time also  amazing jewellery, everything produced from sustainable materials.


PHOTO: Ruth Koleva Official Facebook Page
Here, Ruth Koleva (a Bulgarian singer) at the launch of the new H&M Conscious 2014 (today) with a lovely piece from the collection. What do you think, girls?



Some of my favourite pieces are definitely the above lace dress and of course also the above top with shorts.




Did you visit the launch of the collection, girls? 
And which are your favourite pieces?

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  1. I really like your blog! Following you now, hope you will follow my blog as well ♥

  2. what a beautiful collection! in love with that embellished jacket! :)

    Metallic Paws


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