Thursday, 20 March 2014

The Launch of Portside Industry

Hello guys,

Last Friday I told you I will be at the launch of a new brand for leather garments - Portside Industry. Their collection consists of leather jackets with high quality leather for both man and women. The collection includes simple styles that unlike other brands does not really follow fashion trends but rather like to stay classy. You can, indeed, feel the quality of the leather when you touch it. The price range varies from 1250-1400 DKK. You can learn more about the company and enjoy the lovely styles that Portside Industry wants to offer on their website HERE.

I have an eye on one of their lovely jackets, lamb leather that feels great when you touch it.

Here is beautiful Brigita in Portside Industry leather pants and leather jacket. 

Do not forget, guys, to sign up for the GIVEAWAY HERE, it is just a little over than a week! Do not miss this amazing chance to add a new spring item and refresh your closet.

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