Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Spring is in the air

Just added a new item to my spring collection-Ralph Lauren 2 Big Pony. Already, loving the floral fruity smell and I am happy that I got the 100 ml bottle. It lasts long and I would definitely recommend it if you have a weakness to sweat, fruity smells.

The smell of Big Pony 2 fits to all seasons in my opinion but the light, fruity and fresh smell is best for the summer and spring period. Though, if you are more into celebrity perfumes, this smell might be a little boring.

Have you tried it?

Добавих нов елемент в моята към пролетната ми колекция-Ralph Lauren 2 Big Pony. Обожавам плодовия аромат и се радвам, че си взех 100 мл. Определено го препоръчвам, ако имате слабост към плодовите миризми. 

Big Pony 2 пасва за всички сезони, моето мнение е че този аромат е най-добре за лятото и пролетта. 

Опитвали ли сте този аромат и ако да, какво мислите?

Fashion Memos.

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  1. Hello, already follow the blog.
    Should have such a nice smell.



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