Thursday, 24 March 2016

Easter Lunch Outfit

Loving dressing up for different occasions? I think we have already established that I am always looking forward the next holiday and naturally my outfit. Easter is here and me and my boyfriend are meeting the family this Friday for Easter Lunch so I am looking forward to see what I am gonna wear.

 I have selected some very pretty dresses as an inspiration for you- most of them casual, but at the same time fresh and bringing the Spring mood. It depends very much on the lunch/ brunch you will be attending but here are a few good examples of what your Easter outfit can be.

High Neck Midi Dress / Drop Waist Dress / Shirt Dress

Any other suggestions?
Just send me some of your Easter photos and I would be happy to post them on the blog.

Have a lovely holiday and careful with the eggs :)



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  1. Thanks for following - it's a pleasure for me that I already followed you back on gfc and bloglovin <3
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  2. Oooh love that black one! Equal parts sexy and chic!
    Thank you for visiting my blog, hope to see you back to check out my latest design!

    Xx- Julie

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