Saturday, 23 March 2013

Saturday DIY and something extra

Hello guys,

I have prepared a small DIY project for you. It is very fast and I can assure you that you will enjoy the end result.

Materials you need:
- Metal wire
- Perls (I used different colors and different sizes, and that was a little bit of a mistake. I think you should choose just two colors that fits together and the same sizes. It will be easier to rotate them when you do it and it will look also nicer)
-Toggle set
-Round nose pliers

I bought those perls in the local hobby shop, but it turned out that everything there is quite pricey. It is actually crazy because even the simplest beads are very expensive. Where do you buy your materials for all the DIYs from? Any hints?

Здравейте момичета,

Приготвила съм ви малък "направи си сам" проект, който е много бърз и мога да ви уверя, че ще се насладите на крайния резултат.

- Метална тел
- Перли (аз използвах различни цветове и различни размери, и това беше грешка, мисля, че вие трябва да изберете само два цвята, които си отиват и еднакви размери, ще бъде по-лесно)
-Кръгли клещи

Купих тези перли в местния магазин за хоби, но се оказа че всичко там е доста скъпо. Всъщност дори най-обикновените мъниста са много скъпи. Къде си купувате материалите за тези проекти? Предложения?

And the final result....

What do you think girls? Is this something you would wear?

Enjoy your Saturday!
Fashion Memos.


  1. I purchase my beads from Joanns and Michaels.
    great bracelet!


  2. You have great Ideas and a interesting blog, i really like it!
    what you think, wanna follow each other?
    I would be happy :-) Kisses from Switzerland

  3. Cute! It would be cute too if it was bigger and you wore it as a headband!

    xx Missy

  4. Very cute! Great DIY :)


  5. What a beautiful bracelet! I hope i can have it as a gift! (i want it in pink) xoxo


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