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What kind of swimming suit fits your body shape

Hey Ladies:)

Did you already prepare your swimwear for the summer vacation?

I read a cool article some time ago about how to match your swimming suit to your body shape. I thought that it will be interesting for you to hear, too, so I decided to share it on the blog.

When choosing a swimming suit  we are very often influenced by the current trend, colors etc. but this is just a part of the things we consider when buying one. I, for instance, never buy one piece swimming suit or with 2 pieces with a bottom boxers as it does not fit my body shape. It is important to emphasize on the beautiful parts of our bodies and to hide the things that are not that perfect:)

Anyways, here are some practical advices that I hope you will find useful:P I hope it will make the purchasing process of your next swimming suit easier.

  •  If your shoulders are wider and your hips and your waist is narrow, that means that the most suitable for you will be a swimming suit in two parts with a decorated bottom. It will highlight your ass and will take the attention off your shoulders. 
  •  If you have hips wider than shoulders, the best solution for you will be the  "butterfly" top or a U-neckline and thick straps. It is good that you have as a bottom bikini.
  • If your body shape is a "sandglass", you are lucky! This is the perfect female body and it fits almost any swimming suit! If you have bigger breasts, you can choose a top with straps or under-wired, but if they are small - you should go for the "butterfly" or triangles top.
  •  If your figure is an "apple" type, you need a model that hides the waist. It is recommended to put on a low-necked swimming suit with a waist that is decorated with beautiful element - ribbon, metal pieces, etc.
  •  If your shoulders, waist and hips are at the same line (athletic body), it is good to emphasize your body curves. Most suitable for you are the models of two parts with a bottom that is shorts or a one part swimming suit.
I hope I helped and you found it interesting.
Please, write me an email/comment if you like this article and would you be interested in reading some more of this kind.

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