Sunday, 16 September 2012

Autumn could be a great thing

Hello Ladies,
I hope you are enjoying your Sunday!:)
Last week on the way to school, I saw this super cool commercial.:) I started laughing so much!
It says:'Yes! Bikini-season is over..' And then they have shown all those tasty donuts and croissants  under:)

I had a great Saturday evening with my boyfriend and one of his friends that visited us from another city. We had a Mexican Food Evening with a lot of Nachos, a good movie, and lots of games.:) It was a great cozy evening together:)

I received a little sweet present from my boyfriend's friend-home made flødeboller (snowballs) but wit white chocolate..MMMmMM..

Now they are almost gone...:D


  1. yummy!!! ;P
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  3. Yummy! :D
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  4. beautiful blog... you look it......thanks for visiting my blog dear.....following you now....

  5. these look yummy!! i wish we had them in the states to try ;)

    love your blog - want to follow each other??


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  7. Ahhhh! that looks so yummy!
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