Wednesday, 3 October 2012 Fashion Week

Hello Pretty Ladies,

I was surprised to find out about the Fashion Week from 1st October until 7th October. You can get the newest items, the most popular with free freight. 

I am going to an event organized by my bachelor classmates, so I have been considering buying a dress for that event. I have been having some difficult times choosing a dress but in the end stopped myself on the following. Calling all my readers, please help me:)!

I love the blue one but at the same time I like the shiny one also, so lets vote, WHICH ONE SHOULD I GET?:)

So...1, 2 OR 3?


  1. Love number3 B-)

    Thanks for comment, do u want to follow? Just "follow" and i will do the same nice girl

  2. I like number 1! Thanks for stopping by our blog. Your boyfriend is a Liverpool fan as well?! Where are you guys from? :)


  3. I love them all, but the second will fit me best! Danny


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