Thursday, 16 April 2015

H&M Conscious Collection 2015

The long time waiting finally paid off. The H&M Conscious Collection was finally launched today. H&M's beautiful garments were released online with a limited number of items and some of them were sold literally just for few hours.  H&M Conscious Collection 2015 represents celebration of traditional crafts from all over the world with global inspiration from African prints and Japanese style. The face of the collection is the beautiful Olivia Wild. 

Here are some of my favourite items, I love all of them of course. I had really an eye on the long skirt, but before I turned my back to order it online, it was already sold out...CRAZY. :)

What do you think? Did you get your hands on one of those beautiful pieces or are you just like me trying to get some of the left items?


Fashion Memos.

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