Thursday, 4 December 2014

Christmas mood ON 2014

Hello Darlings,

I hope you are enjoying the great Christmas mood !
This year I am a little bit too busy with work and school that I have not finished my Christmas shopping. I am usually very organized and I am starting with the Christmas presents from August-September but this year it has been very intense due to my Masters thesis. Shame on me!! I know:)

Anyways still some presents to go, so I will try and arrange getting some the next two weeks, hopefully I can also get some better deal with the upcoming days.

How about you? How are you with the Christmas shopping?

Some pictures from Barcelona Christmas market last year 2013
Some pictures from Barcelona Christmas market last year 2013

Last week was the photo shoot for Contessa Jewellery, so it was quite great to be behind the scene and observe the actions behind the camera. More to come this weekend... I know that these oho toes are not that good quality but I tool them with my iPhone and the light was not so good for it.

We had a lot of fun and I am actually looking forward to seeing the results:) Check out Contessa Jewellery's Facebook page HERE and Etsy Shop HERE, Insta profile @Contessa_Jewellery

Have a lovely Thursday!

Fashion Memos.

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